The Good News
By Salim MuMin
Director of M.A.L.I.
And give good news to those who believe and work for reconciliation that for them are gardens that rivers flow beneath. Qur’an.
We want to begin by recognizing that our learning, our teaching, our research and sharing of knowledge based upon the Qur’an is all within the grace of Allah. It is Allah that knows, we know nothing compared to Him. And we will never mature to the state of knowing all that He knows, for He has only shared a little of what He knows with us.

So, Allah commands the individual to give good news to those that have accepted faith. The commentators of the Qur’an will point to that individual as being Muhammed the Prophet, the prayers and peace of Allah is on him, who received the revelation of this magnificent and glorious Reading. We have identified in the beginning of this chapter that those who have accepted faith are those who are the conscious ones. They have kept to the good nature that was afforded them since birth. The word for good news is the same word that is used when the Prophet is told in the Qur’an to tell them that “I am a mortal human being like you.” The good news is that they lied about our natural creation. The Good news is that we are not born in sin.  It is expected of us to be the most productive creature in the universe. We are to engage the universe of matter, take it as a partner, as a consort, as a spouse and produce offspring from it. Allah is with the believers and has guaranteed success and prosperity in life.

It is good news that we can trust our own good nature that G-d has created in us. To be a believer is to be trust-worthy. Just as Muhammed the Prophet is called The Trust-Worthy who followed his own good nature regardless of his environmental surroundings, we too are born with that same nature just like him and we too can make great advancements in life before coming in contact with revelation. We can have a descent life before learning to read the Qur’an in its original language and getting the great benefits that are afforded us, that cannot be imitated by any other translated reading. We can keep our life in tact without having a Prophet, Messiah, or special human creature amongst us. This is good news for those of us who have accepted faith. If we just respect the good life that G-d created for us we can have the same good life that Muhammed The Prophet had with his companions. We can have the good life that we want to have if Imam W. Deen Mohammed was with us in the flesh right now. If we trust our good senses, if we trust our good nature it will lead to a moral betterment, material prosperity, social well-being, and eventually advancement in the sciences and power in the world.

The word “bashir” is a word that points to human sensitivities in their original nature. They are seen as unadulterated sensitivities. These are important sensitivities for the human being in communication. The skin carries the sense of feeling throughout the whole body that with the slightest touch it communicates or registers information to the mind. If we accept what is being said in this one word, “bashir,” then we will naturally want to increase our intelligence that we become more informed in the ways of living successfully.

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