We have recently been informed of a wonderful way that our families at the Muslim Center can assist us ! There is a program called ” Box Tops For Education ” this program is government funded and made to provide financial rewards to any schools with a developmental education program ! What it consists of is (you the household shopper ) will note at most major grocery stores on many products you    already purchase such as ( hamburger helper , instant potatoes , taco shells , children’s snacks , juice boxes , toilet tissue and several other items you purchase   regularly ) there will be a “box top logo” you can cut this out and save them . For every box top you save you can earn your  education dept. .10 cents towards funding our children’s education and or field trips ! When you collect your box tops you can bring them to the masjid and have your children submit them to Imam Khalil or  Sister Lisa Peeples . This is a fun way to shop , have your children help you spot items that may have box tops logos and earn money for their education ! Thanks in advance for helping to benefit our education dept. at the Muslim Center .

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