The Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center attended the 3rd Annual TMO Foundation Banquet that honored their young people in Journalism and Communications on September 23, 2012.

Joe Grimm, visitor editor in Residence, of Michigan State University, and Former editor of the Detroit Free Press was the guest speaker.  Joe Grimm was clear and supported when he shared with the audience his experiences in journalism and how important it is for Muslims to have a VOICE!  He said, “If you do not tell your story, as a Muslim, others will tell it for you and it may not be the truth that is being told”.

We were impressed with the many young people who have chosen to pursue journalism and media communications as their career of choice and thousands of dollars in scholarships were awarded this night.

Also, we watched, in awe, the TMO Foundation raise over $50,000.00 that night.  We are excited about this perspective of having a VOICE and encourage all who have something to say, have a story to tell, or have information to share, to find your voice and get involved in writing, reading, speaking, journalism, and the communications arts.  The Muslim News will have monthly and weekly meetings for those who would like to write articles and submit writings for the newsletter.  Please stop by the office and sign up for the Newsletter Committee to find out more on how you can be a part of the Muslim News newsletter.

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