We know that Allah created us for the meeting, and over and over again in the Qur’an—this is the month of Ramadan.  You have read the Qur’an so this is really a great time for me to be giving you these points because you should have already read support for what I’m giving you—Allah says He creates us in the best of molds, the human form.  So we know the meeting is the meeting of humanity or mankind for G_d.  G_d is going to be the Presider over that meeting.  This is the final meeting.  Now G_d told Moses, “You can’t see Me directly.  You want to see Me, look at the mountain.  And if the mountain stays as you see it, you will see Me.”  When Moses looked at the mountain trying to see G_d, the mountain crumbled to dust.  It disappeared because Moses was not ready yet.  His tongue was still tied, he could not speak.  And he prayed to G_d to untie the knott in his tongue.  The tongue was tied, the brain also was knotted.  Someone will say, “You shouldn’t say that about Moses.”  I’m saying that about you.  I’m using Moses but I’m saying that about you.  So the great meeting is the meeting where G_d will be present and He will preside over that meeting when all human beings, all mankind will stand up before their Maker.  Today is that time.  Well where is Allah?  He is here always but today is that time.  Allah is present with us more in the Qur’an, His word than He is in any other thing though He says wherever you are, wherever you meet two, He is the third; or any number bigger or smaller, He is present.  He is there.  So G_d, Allah, is with us.  He is always present with us.

“W.D. Mohammed”





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