Under the guidance of School Dean, Imam Khalil Markham, the Youth Saturday School has identified a new home at the site of the previous HUDA Medical Clinic.  There are 4 good-sized classrooms with two bathrooms for both male and female.  There are air conditioners and tiles.  However, with the plans to begin the Muhammad Mel Wanzo Music Institute in January of 2013 and the Youth Saturday School meeting, currently, each Saturday at 10:30am, we need to request In-Kind Services from the community as soon as possible.

In-kind Services are Volunteer services that members of the community provide as a form of their Sadaqah.  Many times, when members can not provide a monetary donation, they can help with the skills that Allah has gifted to them.  We are open to your assistance in the form of In-Kind Services.   Some of the repairs and attention that we are requesting are carpentry and tiling, plumbing, electrical, painting, removal of old furniture, ceiling repair, and other renovations needed to safely and securely facilitate the education of our youth.

If you have these skills and are willing to assist us and guide us in getting these renovations completed, please fill out the form below and Imam Khalil will contact you immediately.  We are excited about launching the new Muhammad Mel Wanzo Music Institute where youth and adults will be offered free Jazz classes.  As well, we continue to grow and expand our “Saturday” Youth classes and, Inshallah, hope that you will join with us in celebrating our success.

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