noah With Allah’s name the Beneficent, the Merciful Redeemer.  We thank him, we praise him, and we seek his forgiveness.  We seek his aid in all circumstances.  And we salute his chosen Prophets and Messengers.  A salutation of honor and respect for upholding Allah’s word in speech and action.

May Allah shower his blessing his favors his honor on these noble souls?  (Nuh) Ibrahim (Abraham) Musa (Moses) Isa (Jesus) and Muhammad the Seal of the Prophet’s and completion of revelation and human excellence in Character.

In today’s society we see secular values permeate many facets of life as they did in time of ignorance before.  The Qur’an speaks to many of them.  Greed for more and more distracted you (From Allah) till you reached the grave.  Qur’an 102.v1

Never forget that the life of this world is only a game and a passing delight, a show, and mutual boasting and trying to outrival each other in riches and children.

The question is what is the good life?  What is the definition of a good man/woman?  And what makes a great man/great woman?  The Five Prophets mentioned earlier are amongst Allah’s greatest Prophet’s and messengers.  They suffered the most opposition and were raised to the highest levels of spirituality.  When this realization is put in perspective, what good is life is re-established in the believer’s life?

The Prophet Nuh (Noah) had a great amount of patience and fortitude in his belief.  He called on Allah saying, “My Lord, I have called my people night and day buy my pleas have only increased their aversion.”  Yet he kept calling until Allah told him stop calling them all those who believed have already believed.  Nuh (Noah) was only successful in converting a small number of people to Allah’s Greatness.  And his wife and one son was not among them.  Nuh (Noah) is a pillar (example) we should all reflect when the road of faith becomes lonely and narrow for us.

Ibrahim (Abraham) was a Prophet who was tried in many different ways.  Every major opposition a person of faith will go through he has been there at the highest levels.  He was tried by Kings.  He was tried by family (his father and countrymen).  Then, he was tried with famine, wealth, wives, and children thus making him the father of faith.  All major faiths recognize him as the Father of Faith. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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