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Who said that Muslims don’t have fun?  The Winterfest was a WinterBlast and we had great fun!  Some of the festivities included:

  • Lots of Vendors with food, scarves, and halal products!
  • Did we say food?  Yes, lots of great food!
  • Q&A – Panel Discussion in the Masala!
  • Games, Toys, Activities, Moon Bounce, Clown, and Play for the children!
  • Profanity Free and Uplifting Open Mic in the Halal Jazz Cafe’
  • Business Networking and Family Connections!
  • Youth Overnight Lock In – Activity Center!

These are just some of the activities of our event that is held every year!  Don’t miss out next year and stay tuned for more youth lock ins, youth development, schooling, and academic support for our young people coming in 2013, Inshallah!


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