Reviving the Religion

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin

There is a great need for a revival of Islamic thought as regards the interpretation of the last scriptures to be sent by ALLAH, the Almighty.  Qur’an is that last Book and, let us clarify, it cannot be changed by any man; but it must be brought to the modern times – the period we are living in.  The Qur’an was revealed over 1400 years ago in a time and culture much different than ours today.  And since that time there have been many changes in the world.  When the Qur’an was being revealed there was no such thing as Suni or Shia.  There was no such thing as Hanafi, aliki, Shafi, Jaffry, or any such divisions.  There was only Muslim.  And this is all Imam Mohammed taught – the Qur’anic scripture and life example of Prophet Muhammad, The Prayers and Peace be on him.

Although the Book cannot be changed, there is such a thing as a Reviver of religion.  Most scholars of Islam are aware of a person to come to their people every 100 years or so to show you how to live the scriptures according to your culture and understanding.  He is called a Mujeddid and many of us believe Imam Warith Deen Mohammed is that person for us in America, even those Muslims not born here.

The universal scripture of Qur’an was revealed in Arabic only because Muhammad was an Arab. But he wasn’t chosen to be the prophet simply because he was Arab.  He was chosen because he was the best person.  He made that plain in his farewell address where he said an Arab is not superior over a non-Arab and a Black not superior over a white, and so on.

Similarly, Imam Mohammed, because of his training and special experiences in this country, was chosen to help us understand the scriptures and apply them to our daily lives so we get the benefits of them where we live.

ALLAH, The Almighty, revealed the scriptures for the betterment of human beings.  His desire is for us to use His Word to be happy, productive, peaceful, progressive and content. Nothing in the Qur’an should cause a person to be otherwise.

Yet, in our community, the way some scriptures are translated and used is causing fitna, grief, and unhappiness, the exact opposite of the desire of ALLAH. If you are crying, feeling dejected, self-defeated, heart heavy with sorrow; you should change because this is not the way of Al-Islam.

If the scriptures or teachings of Islam cause you pain – and you’re striving to be right and good – then something is wrong with your interpretation of the scriptures and the religion (or those who are teaching you).

It is especially hateful to knowingly use the Words of ALLAH in an intentionally misrepresentative manner for your own dominance and gain from those (mostly women) who have no such knowledge or are too weak to combat those using them.

For this reason, on Sunday February 10, 2013, from 1:00 PM – 3 PM, Brother Norman Muhammad and the National Dawah Team will join with the Muslim Center Detroit and a panel of male and female knowledgeable people to use the words and thoughts of Imam Mohammed to help us better understand our religion.

After the panel and questions and answers, we will enjoy a free dinner and visit our brand new Halal Jazz Café. (Yes, we love jazz and other clean forms of music. It’s part of our culture).

Dawah Interfaith

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