By Imam Abdullah El-Amin
mam Emeritus, Muslim Center Detroit

Brothers and sisters, how often do we hear the words:  “the Prophet and his companions lived over 1400 years ago”.  “What they did then is not relevant in this day and time”.  All those thoughts and actions of people in the Prophet’s time have to be applied to the dessert and another time and culture.”  This is the 21st century already, and time is moving faster and faster everyday.”  How many times have we heard it?  Many I’m sure.  This is very dangerous thinking for those who call themselves Muslims.  It opens the door for us to be influenced by things other than Islam – which would be a travesty since we know Islam is best.

The Holy Qur’an, we must remember, was revealed for all nations, for all people, and for all time – till the end of time (whenever that is). What was relevant and important in the years the Prophet lived on this earth, is relevant and important now. The Holy Prophet came to be a human example to humankind…. for all time.In fact, many of the same societal problems that the Prophet and his companions faced, we are also contending with today.

If we take a look at the society we live in today, we see gross indecency, vulgarity, and rampant sin; the likes of which we haven’t seen since the time of Prophet Lut.  We all know these are not the types of societal actions conducive to proper human living.

Prophet Muhammad lived according to the Holy Qur’an and the Holy Qur’an says that the believing men and women should guard their modesty and lower their gaze…….This is in direct contrast to the open nudity and indiscriminate sex we see so blatantly displayed in the society today.  Men and women’s bodies (especially women’s) are used to sell everything from soda pop to luxury automobile.  Similarly reflecting back to pre-Islamic days, the people were so immoral and ignorant that they used to walk nude around the Kaaba.  Now we are seeing nudity on TV at the family dinner hour.  This proves that we need to, more than ever; make Prophet Muhammad the leader for this day and time.

We should encourage healthy marriages in our communities.  A strong marriage enhances the married couple.  They are able to utilize the human nature put in them by birth.  A happy productive strengthens the immediate and extended family which enhances the community and eventually, the entire worlde. 

Prophet Muhammad said: “Those who can marry should marry, and those who can’t marry (for whatever reason), should fast, for fasting reduces the sexual urge.”  This is the type of sex education we should give our children.  If a male or female is having sexual urges for someone, and they are not married to them, they should get up in the morning, partake suhoor (eat something), and make their intention to fast that day.  After fasting for the day, he or she is much less likely to engage in sex when the sun goes down and it is time to break the fast.  This is much better than giving them birth control pills or condoms to prevent pregnancy because those things also encourage zina (illegal sex) which is haram.

Brothers and sisters, in these trying times let us refer our problems to ALLAH and His Messenger for solutions.Let’s not look to Planned Parenthood, Dr. Spock, or Sigmund Freud for answers. ALLAH has revealed the answers for any problem we encounter or He has told us where to look for the answer.Look to Prophet Muhammad as leader for that time, for this time, and for all time.

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