The Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center was incorporated in January, 1985 as a Mosque dedicated to the pure worship of Allah and to the inclusion of Muslims of all races, cultures, and ethnic groups.

The center was founded under the leadership of the late Imam W. Deen Mohammed, may Allah have mercy on him. Imam W. D. Mohammed is credited with turning an entire nation of Muslim towards the pure teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). Today, we are under the religious leadership of Imam Momodou Ceesay, a graduate of Al-Azhar who was studied throughout West and North Africa.

We are a Mosque that also has an aggressive outreach ministry designed to interact and cooperate with members of the non-Muslim Community for the betterment of the whole society which we all share. Imam Mohammed challenged us to “remake the world” from the decadent state it is now in–to remove negative images of nudity, vulgarity, ignorance and devilish behavior from our society and particularity from our youth. To this end, we have always worked with Christians, Jews and other people of other faiths, as well as people of good will.

Today, we have a dynamic and growing congregation that we hope you will visit sometime! Weekly programs, classes and other occasions to gather and build community are always happening.