Majalis Ashura – The Majalis Ashura is the governing body of the Muslim Center.  The Majalis Ashura is headed by the resident Imam who conducts the affairs by mutual consultation.

  • Imam Sheikh Momoudu Ceesay, Resident Imam
  • Imam Abdullah Bey El Amin, Imam Emeritus Resident Imam
  • Bro. Moussa Niang, Treasurer
  • Bro. Halim Naeem, PhD,  Executive Committee Chairman
  • Sis. Catherine L. Ziyad, Secretary
  • Bro. Anthony Peeples, Financial Secretary
  • Bro. Omar Peterson, Member
  • Sis. Tahirah Khalid, Member
  • Bro. Jabril Abdus Salam, Member
  • Sis. Davine El Amin, Member

Council of Imams – The Muslim Center is spiritually led by a Council of Imams consisting of five Imams. These Imams, under the direction of the Resident Imam, are charged with the spiritual and religious leadership of the Mosque.  They are responsible for Jumah Khutbah´s, Taleem services, Dawah outreach, Islamic and Arabic classes, visiting the sick in hospitals, nursing homes/private homes, incarcerated Muslims and other duties as needed.

  • Imam Sheikh Momodou Ceesay, Resident Imam
  • Imam Ali Abdulmateen, Assistant Imam
  • Imam Khalil , Imam Council Member
  • Imam Abdullah El-Amin, Imam Emeritus

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is appointed by the Majalis Ashura to conduct the day to day running of the Mosque.

  • Bro. Halim Naeem, Ph. D., Chairman of the Executive Committee
  • Bro. Nasr AbdulMujeeb, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee
  • Sis. Eufayba Touray, Communications Coordinator/Recording Secretary
  • Bro. Anthony Peeples, Financial Secretary
  • Bro. Abdur Rashid Vazant, Facility Management
  • Sis. Khalilah El Amin, Community Education Coordinator
  • Bro. Jermaine Carey, Youth Coordinator
  • Sis. Kecia Escoe, Event Planning
  • Bro. Lawrence Ziyad, Member
  • Sis. Konwre Gordon, Member
  • Bro. Kofi Royal, Member
  • Sis. Tamra Z El Amin, Member
  • Bro. Mark Crain, Member