Our Teams

Office Secretary

  • Sis. Basila Muhammad

Kitchen Staff

  • Sis. Fatima Markham, Manager
  • Sis. Hanifah Rahman
  • Sis. Mubbaraakah Ramsay
  • Sis. Kecia Escoe
  • Sis. Patrice Bryson
  • Sis. Akua Kabir
  • AND a host of Nieces & Nephews

Eid Planning Committee

  • Sis. Kalilah El-Amin, Chair
  • Sis. Catherine Ziyad

Communications Committee

  • Sis. Eufayba Touray, Chair
  • Sis. Karisha Vanzant, Co-Chair
  • Sis. Basila Muhammad
  • Sis. Baheejah Shakoor
  • Bro. Moussa Niang
  • Bro. Jarod Page
  • Bro. Kareem White

Upcoming Committees

  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising

Looking to Get Involved? All are welcome!!!

Contact the office secretary at muslimcenter@ameritech.net.