The Muslim Center Mosque & Community Center is happy to participate in instituting Islamic marriages for believers. This is to be understood as quite different from the civil ceremony of a wedding found throughout society. The purpose of a nikkah is the agreement between two people and Allah bringing them together. They seek to follow Allah’s will together as a husband and wife. Therefore, the requirements for nikkah at the Muslim Center are as follows:

At the Muslim Center, we require proof of a premarital course or three pre-marital counseling sessions from the couple wanting to marry before performing any marriage. In addition, a marriage license is recommended but not required for an Islamic marriage ceremony at the Muslim Center. However, there will be a prerequisite intake interview with the couple before agreeing to perform any marriage.

Considerations for intake are:

  • Permissibility by the Qur’an – Only marriages sanctioned by the Qur’an and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saw) are considered.
  • Age and Independence – Each adult must be of legal marriage age and independent. *If anyone wants to be married to a dependent, they must consult their guardian. A legal-aged adult may be considered a dependent if they are in the care of others for mental or physical health reasons.  
  • Sound Mind – No marriage will be considered if an interviewee is suspected of being mentally unstable, violent, or experiencing a psychotic episode.
  • Mutual Consent – No marriage will be considered without the explicit agreement of those to be married.
    *No marriage will be considered if suspected of coercion or under duress.