The Majalis Ashura is the governing body of the Muslim Center.  The Majalis Ashura is headed by the resident Imam who conducts the affairs by mutual consultation.

    1. Imam Sheikh Momodou Ceesay, Resident Imam        
    2. Sis. Davine El-Amin, Chairperson                       
    3. Bro. Moussa Niang, Treasurer                            
    4. Bro. Khalil Muminun                                          
    5. Sis. Catherine L. Ziyad                                         
    6. Bro. Omar Peterson                                        
    7. Sis. Tahirah Khalid                                                 
    8. Bro. Jabril Abdus Salam                                       
    9. Bro. Mark Crain, Exec. Team Chair                                                                 

Executive Team

The Executive Team is generally responsible for the day-to-day programming and maintenance of the mosque and center. Please approach committee members for support, requests, or to share new ideas.

  1. Bro. Mark Crain, Chair
  2. Bro. Khalil Ibn Gray, Programs Co-Chair
  3. Sis. Kecia Escoe-Gray, Programs Co-Chair     
  4. Sis. Ann Johnson, Administrative Assistant
  5. Bro. Mostafa Aboutaleb, Financial Secretary