Weekly Inspirations and Learning—

OF Imam W.D. Mohammad – Shared by Imam Abdullah El-Amin

The Universal Plan – Week of March 29, 2013

Dear Beloved people, here is the problem:  we are not in touch with what we call the Universal Plan, and Universal Direction.  We are not in touch with it.  If you are going to establish yourself as an individual, that can best be done upon the Universal plan.  If you are going to establish yourself as a Race, as an ethnic group, that can best be done upon the Universal Plan.  But when you do it outside of the Universal Plan, then your individualism becomes a burden on you.  It becomes the very thing that’s going to cut you off from progress.

Your Nationalism becomes the very thing that oppresses you.  But if you do it within the Universal Plan, you do it as Allah has intended, and you are a person that other persons can live with.  You don’t frighten the rest of the nations.  But if you do something that comes off the top of your mind, “out of the hat”, as they say, just comes out of the hat, if you come up with a concept for African-American, or Black people, that you got off the tip of your finger or off the top of your head, you are going to frighten other races.  You are going to frighten other nationalities.  You are going to frighten other nations.  But if they see that you are grounded in the universal scheme of things, they know that you may be different, you may be new and unique, but they know that you are in tune with something permanent and universal.  So there is always an opportunity for you and them to sit down at the universal table and talk peace.  But if you are not tied into the universal scheme of things, they will say, “Well, hell, down the line, when they grow big and powerful, there will be no opportunity to sit down at a table because they don’t even see any table that will permit all of us to sit down and talk peace.”

Some people say, “Look, the Imam, he is low keyed, he is not popular.  He is not educated.  He is not articulate.”  But look at these people!  Why are they here?  Why are they here?  Because what is not articulated language wise, is articulated spiritual wise.  The people say, “Well look, the Imam leaves me wondering what is meant by the such and such statement.  I don’t know how to articulate it because he didn’t quite articulate it.  But I know what he means!  I know where he is going!

How come my people understand me so well?  It’s because I am in the universal grain.  Yes!  I am in the universal grain.  And that is how come I don’t excite the outer community.  You don’t wee any Jews around here with picket signs saying, “Hey, that Muslim, hey, that Black Muslim.”  There is nobody out there causing us any trouble.  I come into the airport and it looks like a spooky spirit of peace comes on the whole thing.  People just look so peaceful when I come in…I just walk straight through.  I get into the car, and the brothers begin driving down the street and the cars just start opening up, spooky like, they just start opening up and we manage to get right through the traffic so nicely.  Yes, when you get in the universal groove, even the spirit is with you.  There isn’t anything spooky about that unless you get out of the universal groove, then it gets spooky and the cars just move in your mind.  And cars run over you the next day.


WISDOM of Imam W. Deen Mohammed! – March 1, 2013

Satan Not Outside Of Body

There is no Satan outside of your body, unless that Satan is inside somebody else’s body, And when you speak of a devil inside of another person’s body you are not talking about something that has independent existence outside of that body. If there is a devil in me then that devil has grown in me; it has come to birth on something that has started within me: lies, weak ideas, wrong thinking; this begins to grow a particular disposition in me, pretty soon my disposition is one of evil and wickedness; and if that continues to grow then

I will take the form of a devil.

-Imam W Deen Mohammed

Shared by Imam Abdullah El-Amin


FRIEND AND PROTECTOR – January 4, 2013

Now we come to verse 54, Ya ayuhal ladhina aamanuu, la tattkhidhul Yahuda wan Nasaarra awl liyaa’a..” “Oh you who believe, do not take the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors.  They are the friends and protectors to each other.  And he amongst you that turns to them for friendship and protection is one of them.  Verily God guideth not a people that are unjust.”

Friend and Protector

Now what does this verse say?  This verse is saying be aware that every people has its own motivation.  Every people have its own concern.  The Muslims are to recognize Muslim concerns and are not to trust Muslim concerns to another people, for another people should not be expected to take up your concern.  You should be expected to take up your own concern.  Every people will take up its own concern.

The Christians have closest to their hearts Christian concerns.  The Jews have closest to their hearts Jewish concerns.  The Muslims should have closest to their hearts Muslim concerns.  He should not be looking and help him advance his concern.  No, we depend on Allah, Who is Number One friend and protector.  He is Waliyyuul Mu’minun.  He is the Protector of the Believer, Number One.

But the same God has said to us, “And the Muslims are Waliyyun”.  They are the friends and protectors of each other.  They are the friends and protectors of each other.  So we should be looking to God and to the members of the Muslim community to support our concerns.  We should not be so silly-minded to think that this loosening-up, this expanding of the chest, opening up of the heart, reaching out to the outer community for co-existence, for inter-faith meetings…we should not take this to mean that Muslims should invite non-Muslims to come in and help Muslims work out their direction.  Muslims are to work out their own direction, under Allah, under the Qur’an, under the Prophet (PBUH), not with the cooperation of other people who do not even know our Qur’an, do not even know our Prophet.  How in the world can they direct Muslim life?

That is what we have to be aware of.  Be careful!  You are not ready yet.  You are not ready yet to employ Christians and Jews.  When you establish yourself and you have good leadership, and you establish yourself strong, then you can employ Jews and Christians.  If a Christian or Jew is going to work in a Muslim establishment, he should work as an employee in the Muslim establishment.  If we give a conference on Education, a conference or seminar on the needs of Sister Clara Muhammad School, our provide school, and we want to invite Christians or non-Muslims to come in and contribute to the seminar, or contribute something to the conference, we should know that we are established firm enough, strong enough; that we are knowledgeable enough to invite them in and detect when they are suggesting something that goes against the Muslim direction or conflicts with the Muslim spirit.  We should be that knowledgeable.  And until we get that knowledgeable, we shouldn’t invite them in.

Look, should little children invite adults in when Mommy and Daddy are gone?  Say, “Look, Mommy and Daddy arent here.  Hey mister, can you come in and answer the phone for us?  Speak to this lady on the phone?  Hey lady, can you come in and take care of my little brothers and sisters?”  No! Do the best that you can until Mommy and Daddy come home.

What do you mean by “Mommy and Daddy”?  We mean people who have knowledge, qualified to take care of our concerns.  People that represent our own concerns.  They don’t represent foreign concerns, they represent our own concerns.  This is what Muslims have to realize.  Also, be careful.

We also have to be aware that when Allah says in the verse, “Do not take Christians and Jews for your friends and protectors”, it means just that.  It does not mean do not have friendship or companionships with Jews and Christians.  It does not mean that.  The term that is used in the Qur’an means just what has been translated, “friend and protector”.  I can have friendship with Jews and Christians, but once I start looking to them to protect my Islamic life, I am in serious trouble.


December 14, 2012

Situations the Same

Do you know that the Jewish people, or Hebrews, Israelites, and other things in the Bible – do you know our situation is very much like theirs was?  Do you know that those people had come under beliefs that were really corrupt, strange, that they were given the mission from their Prophets before them, and the Truth of God and everything – God is One – and they were obligated to be truthful and loyal to that commitment or to the Covenant.  But in time their senses became corrupt, they got so far off the path that they were worshipping the idol gods of the idolatrous people?  This is the history of them.  And when they were in bondage in Egypt, Moses was under Pharoah.  Moses was like an adopted child in the house of Pharoah.  Moses was building for the arch enemy of the way of God.  He was a builder, he was working for him like his own adopted son.  But there were some of his people in that kind of situation or circumstances, there were some of his people who believed so strongly “that God is going to come to us, God is going to take us out of this.  God is going to give us a deliverer.  A deliverer – not from Pharoah’s house, but from our own people.”  Some believed so strongly in that.  Now, I repeat, I am not a prophet.  Prophethood has ended with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). But God’s help will never end, it will be coming forever.

Now those people were guided again through on of their own, Moses.  A person who really was by his environment, his situation, and everything, he was really an Egyptian, wasn’t he?  He was only one of them by birth lineage, by birth lineage.  But as far as his circumstances and how he was situated, and what he had been taught, he was raised up as an Egyptian.  But God came to him.  God came to him and brought those people out of there, and a new day started for them.  That is a sign of how God comes to a people that have strayed from the way, yet the hope is still in some of them.  As long as the hope is still in some of the people, God will come to their aid.  Yes, He said, “Never will He change the state of a people until they change what is bothering their heart.. or the state of their own souls.”  But if there are people among them already who have kept the right state of soul, believing that God doesn’t like these bad things, God will one day correct them, believe me, God will remain on those people until those people are saved or liberated.  That is His way.  He has established that.  Praise be to Allah.


December 7, 2012

Faith is Community Life

Dear beloved Muslims, for the last several weeks, I have been preaching in Chicago on Ta’alim day, Sunday, the concept of Muslim community.  What is the Muslim community, in concept?  And, where should our main interests be focused?  Since God has said to us, He has addressed the believers, then our interest should be focused in Faith.  God has also addressed us as a community, then our interest should be focused in community.

We are a community whose essential life is what?  Faith!  Faith in God, One God, and faith in all that is established by His word.  That includes Muhammad the Prophet, who lived out the Message as God revealed it to him.  But as regards to our activities, we are to live the life of a community.  We are to think of our life as community life and live the life of community.  That means that we have to build a community.  We have to build a community!  If we don’t have a community, and God has charged us to be a community, then we have to build a community.  But don’t do it under our limited knowledge.  Do it under the knowledge that God has given us.  Don’t do it to our little dreamed up plans, do it to the plan that God has given us.

Don’t make one of us the leader for the community.  We already have a leader for the community.  Muhammad, the Prophet, is the leader for the community, for his Sunnah is the pattern for our community life.  He’s gone, but his Sunnah he left us with.  We follow his Sunnah.  Not my Sunnah, I it disappears in the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).  Yes!  Because all that I am doing is trying to follow his Sunnah.  So if I have a Sunnah, and what I mean by that is if I have established something that is identifiable with me as leadership excellence, whatever I have established, I have only done it trying to follow to the best of my ability what is the leadership of Muhammad, Peace and Blessing be Upon Him.  So whatever I have done, if you really understand what I represent, what I am indeed, what I am truly, then you will see what I have done is just try to live out my obligation as a follower of the Prophet.  And in his Sunnah, all of our sunnahs disappear and become the Sunnah of the Prophet because that is what we are aiming for, the Sunnah of the Prophet.  Praise be to Allah!


November 30, 2012

It is necessary to first call the people on their feelings, until their feelings can accept to make a commitment, a bond, a pact, some into agreement upon faith that we want a good life.

That we want a clean life, a straight life, a secure community.  Secure because people there will not be robbing each other, sneaking into each other’s homes by the back door, going with each other’s wives and daughters without permission or without lawful contract.  So let’s come to an agreement that we want that first.  Once you come to that agreement, then what happens?  The light of heaven shines down on you.  God favors you because you have taken the first steps.  You have decided to live a life of faith in God.  Good life, righteous life.  So He will shine the light of heaven on you.  Next He will bless your mind to think right.  The sinners can’t think right.  hew ill bless your mind to think right.  And in thinking right, you will do more with a little knowledge than they do with universities and libraries full of books.  But first you have to be right in your heart.  That’s faith.  First you have to be right in your heart.  Be right in your heart first and then Allah will reward the brain and the intellect, and establish you with a little, over those who have much.

“Imam W.D. Mohammad”


November 9, 2012, Qur’an 13.11 Allah not change your condition until you change what’s in your soul.

For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession before and behind him:  they guard him by command of Allah.  Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls).  But when (once) Allah willeth a people’s punishment, there can be no turning it back nor will they  find besides Him any to protect.”

Qur’an 16.97 Righteousness births a new life

“Whoever works righteousness man or woman and has faith verily to him will We give a new life a life that is good and pure and We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions.”

 John 3.2 Born again Nicodemus

Christianity and al Islam say life is spiritually fated.  In Al Islam we’re told never will a change come for you until you accept to change what is bothering your own souls.  So we have to have an internal change before we can have an external change, some people you know they have problems and they want to be helped from without.  The Hon. E. Muhammad said to Dr. King “You could put the slum people in a palace and they will bring the slum into the palace.”  and there are other leaders who said it differently, but that’s the way the Hon. E. Muhammad said it.  And that’s true, you have to have a change within.

So if you want to bring people who have been deprived of a decent life and are ignorant, they don’t know the value of a decent life, you can’t just change them by simply taking them from a bad physical environment putting them in a nice one.  You won’t get them, maybe after a few generations you will, but the physical environment will overcome them, overcome their bad habits if you watch over it.  You have to have responsible adults, you can’t leave it with them.  Keeping the physical environment for them after 2 or 3 generations maybe the problem will be over.

But if you leave it to them you know what’s going to happen.

“Imam W.D. Mohammad”


November 2, 2012, – Qur’an 15.29; When I breathed my spirit bow to him

“When I have fashioned man (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My spirit fall ye down in obeisance unto him.”

Genesis 2:7; G-d breathed in man’s nostril and he became a living soul.

“And the Lord G-d formed a man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

In Quranic language the self and soul are the same word not two different words.  We say soul and you get spooky so lets say self.  Self, the abstract person, the true person is yourself, your true self inside your body that’s the true you, that’s what’s so precious and valuable, that’s the human being that G-d made, although He made us biologically too we know that.  He made the physical world, for us to be evolved out of the physical world so we have this body from the earth but then says He that He told the angels, “When I have breathed into him that body, that physical body of My own Spirit then accept him.”

So G-d wasn’t saying that just because we have this physical body we’re some great thing, but this physical body is a great house designed to house a great entity for even greater things that is the real human life, the abstract person.  And this is Christianity, this is Al, Islam.

“Imam W.D. Mohammad”


October 26, 2012, – Tauheed the belief in the oneness of G-d and all matter.

The concept for the belief in the unity and oneness of G-d and the unity of matter is called Tauheed in Arabic in Al Islam the concept of Tauheed supports all other concepts.  No other concept in the Muslim language exists except it is supported by Tauheed, it has to be supported upon Tauheed.  The unity of G-d is One and there’s unity in Him, no division or conflict in Him.

The unity of matter is stronger than its conflict

The unity of matter.  We know matter conflicts but the unity is stronger than the conflicts, the oneness is stronger than the diversity and the unity is stronger than the conflicts.  The unity eventually overcome all the conflicts.  The conflicts come and go, the unity abides for ever.  Now we believe in the unity but also believe in the opposites, in the diversity.  G-d multiplies everything or increases everything upon the principle or rule of mating, opposites, duality.  So when we look at the material world we see concrete, but as we become wiser we see the world in its abstract.

Gravity its an abstract when we’re talking about magnetism that most of us are familiar with magnets and magnetism on the subject we are talking about abstracts.  Tell me which is the stronger, the concrete or the abstract in the material scheme?  The energy out of the matter can move more than matter can move in the same quantity.

When we look at this big world, the big earth, this body we are on right now weighing six sextillion tons, supported out there in space and we think of Jupiter even much bigger in body and mass floating in space.  When you ask the scientists who study the heavenly bodies and gravity what’s holding them up there?  He says an abstract.  Now I’m still talking about the similarity for Christianity and Al Islam, not only is the material world like that but also the human world is like that.  And not only is the abstract more powerful than the material in terms of force but the abstract in the human world is the more precious the more valuable for mankind.

“Imam W.D. Mohammad”


October 19, 2012, – Achieving Prosperity for Ones Self and One’s Community

The Kabah is a symbol of the unity of humanity

We thank Allah swt, praise be to G-d as we say in Al Islam the Quranic Arabic as Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you.  We praise G-d, the praise is for G-d the Lord, Cherisher and Sustainer of all the worlds.  We witness that Muhammad (pbuh) is His Prophet to whom the Quran was revealed a little better than 14 countries ago in the peninsula called today Saudi Arabia in the sacred city of Mecca where we make pilgrimage yearly to visit the simple little house there that stands as a symbol of the one family of humanity.

G-d created all of us from one parent.

Quran 21.107 Muhammad mercy to all the worlds

“We sent thee not but as a mercy for all creatures.”

Muhammad the Prophet (pbuh) who was rejected by his city when he declared that G-d is One and not the many false gods that they had.  He was a mercy from G-d to all people.  G-d says, “We have not sent you except to be a mercy to all the worlds”.  And we witness that he’s G-d’s servant and His Messenger.  Our creed is “La elaha illallah” meaning there is no deity except the One G-d, “Muhammad Rasullullah” it means Muhammad (pbuh) is the Messenger of G-d.

Bible and Qur’an are continuous communications from G-d.

Achieving for one’s self and achieving for one’s community, we have in both the Qur’an and in the Bible which is older than Qur’an as you know it came before the Qur’an, but actually if we understand it as students of Scripture the

Bible and Qur’an are one continuous communications from G-d.

Consciousness is individual and plural…

We have in both Scriptures the story of the Prophet Jonah, peace be upon him and his predicament is a message to us, I’m going to give it to you as I understand it.  Addressing this subject or topic:  “Achieving prosperity for ones self and for one’s community”, let me say this before commenting on this story that is in both Books.  As a student of Scripture, I will say that is G-d has given us the nature to be individual, as myself and a plural consciousness, a consciousness that holds a plural body as well as the singular body.

In my physical body I’m one but I have a consciousness that will not enable me to really perform even mentally as one, its no way for me to think of myself only and not think of others, it’s impossible.  I have to include in my consciousness, in my awareness the world that woke me up.  When I became conscious, it was a world that woke me up not just my mother or not just the doctor that handled the situation.  For my birth, it was not a doctor it was a wet nurse, a woman assisting my mother.

So when we become conscious, we are not as conscious of ourselves as we are conscious of that which we are witnessing when our eyes and ears open up.  And later, when we begin to hunger, the body needs something then we start to be conscious of ourselves.

So, I will say to you I am kind of philosophical, I will say to you that the first consciousness is not a consciousness or an awareness of yourself the one person, it is an awareness of your need rather than yourself, you become awareness of your needs.  You need mamma, you need your family, you need the world that’s supporting mamma and your family.

Self interest is the interest of the whole world.

So, actually G-d created us to come into an awareness of our self interest that includes not only myself but those persons close to me and those circumstances supporting our lives.  And eventually, we come to know that as the whole world, so G-d created us to be aware of our self interest as the interest of the whole family of mankind.  We should have as our self interest the interest of the family of mankind, then we are healthy inside, we’re at peace and we are situated to make great progress because when you have that sensitivity you don’t have to even communicate it to people, they can feel your bond with the best that is in them, the best that is in them will feel the best that is in you and you will just feel that bond.  We have the experience of meeting people without opening our mouth and without them opening their mouths, we know that’s it is going to be a good acquaintance and a good relationship if it forms, we just know it before anybody opens their mouth.

Really we shouldn’t have an idea of our self as our interest without understanding that the self became aware because of mama and the family and other things made us become aware of our self.  When we became aware of ourselves we became aware of ourselves as a member in another whole, a part of another whole, a family.  And when we become aware of ourselves as a member of our community and not alone, but our reality is found when we see ourselves as a member in our community, needing our community, supported as the situation for us to progress in – if we don’t we have to go to another community.  You have to have a community as a situation for you to even progress or achieve.

So for us, it should be our community so our life and future depends on us doing it with support our community and having it in our community, we can’t have it by ourselves.  There is an expression, “No man is an island” and that’s a true expression.


October 12, 2012 – “By the Fig and the Olive”

Matt 21.19 Fig tree cursed

“And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing hereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever.  And presently the fig tree withered away.”

It’s not the fig tree that produces the fig that you buy in Jewel’s store; maybe jewels likes the fine things that you wear, but not that Jewel’s store.  It’s not that fig tree, it’s the fig tree of your thinking mind, but is it right to curse it?  No this wasn’t Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ never did that, the Bible says he did that,

but Jesus Christ never did that silly thing.

Even in the true meaning it’s still wrong to curse it, do we have a connection in Al Islam?  Muhammad (pguh) said G-d did not send him to curse people, that saying is incorrect that Prophets came to curse people.  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “G-d did not sent me to curse people.”  Fig represents the figment of your imagination

Now we still have a connection in English with this kind of thinking or this kind of meaning of fig tree.  It is a figment of your imagination, “Fig-ment.”  It means you have no education to support that, you have no science to support that, you had nobody else with authority that we respect to support that, it is only a figment of your imagination.  you thought that up, that is what you envisioned, that’s what you pictured in your own mind without anything to support it from what we know as support for logic or support for rational thinking, “Oh that’s just a figment of your imagination.”

So we still use it don’t we, so what does it mean?  Let us look at the language and it will help us understand what is means because Adam’s language is still here.  Adam is dead but his language is still here.

Imam W. D. Mohammad