Children’s Saturday School

The children’s Saturday class was established to educate young Muslims from age 4 and older about the basic tenets of Islam. As the instructor, Hajji Catherine Ziyad always engages children with enthusiasm and creativity.

Quranic Recitation Class

Every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 3pm Muhammad Zaki Abdus-Salaam teaches recitation of the Quran. His class is a valuable asset to children and adults who regularly attend. His students appreciate that he teaches them at their individual levels and paces of learning.

Daily Halaqat after Fajr

Imam of the Muslim Center, Momodou Ceesay hosts a halaqa and a Quran study class, every morning after fajr prayer. He explains the historical context and meanings of Quranic stories that were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He also teaches Quranic recitation to students who attend.

Saturday Ta’leem

Shaykh Abdul-Karim Yahya says he is privileged to share and serve in the transmission of knowledge in the Muslim Center community. In explaining the benefits of establishing a masjid- centered community, he said, “Living near the masjid, helps the believers establish the daily prayer. Establishing the prayer is a collective obligation and also there’s benefit in increasing the numbers of the believers. And when you increase someone’s numbers and come together with them in fellowship and love, you will be resurrected with them. So we should increase the numbers of those who are pious and those who are praying and those who are serving Allah and his messenger in an Islamic community. And we should not increase the numbers of those who disobey Allah or those who neglect those things.”

Sunday Ta’leem

Imam Khalil Markham’s long-standing Sunday class is a “real talk” approach to a modern-day applicable view of Quranic explanation, prophetic history, Islamic history and jurisprudence and spiritual enrichment for people in their everyday lives.

Hajj Class

Hajj class has been taught by Hajji Tamra El- Amin for more than 20 years. Her mission every year is to prepare and teach Muslims how to perform the spiritual journey to Mecca. “I saw a need for African-Americans coming into Islam to know and understand how to do for ourselves so that we could be comfortable as Muslims performing the Hajj and Umrah. We need to be happy and have good self-esteem all for the sake of Allah (swt).” Sister Tamra considers herself a cheerleader instead of a traditional teacher, and serves as a reminder about the Hajj and its importance.