The Youth Committee is starting up and need volunteers to become leaders. Join the Muslim Center Youth Committee. 13-18 year olds are welcome to sign-up. Plan events, bring guest speakers, consult with the Imam and more. Committee meetings will be held once a month. Please fill in the form below if you believe you are a good leader and or a good team member and join the Muslim Center Youth Committee.

The youth group is meant to help provide us with a sense of belonging and validation in the community. Allowing us to regularly spend time with each other, as well as with mentors who want us to succeed is a fraction of what we hope. The ultimate objective is servitude to Allah (SWT). Sisters’ and brothers’ youth groups can meet every week or two to socialize, share personal reflections, engage in team-building activities, play sports, and/or eat good food together. In the past, the Muslim Center Youth have planned and executed numerous special events, as well as themed workshops, and life-skills classes. The Muslim Center has hosted Youth Lock-In Night, Family Camp, the Youth Leadership Institute, and many other valuable programs over the years.